Jindřich Šíp – Chovprodej company is manufacturer of brand of feed Apetit® since year 1990. Our main objective is producing of high-quality feeding products corresponding with demands of our pet companions, especially with good digestibility, using high-quality ingredients. The feed is neither chemically modified nor treated.

The most important activities of the company is production of APETIT feed for dwarf rabbits, rodents, exotic and domesticate birds. The feed is not produced for a good look, i tis produced for animals – the ingredients are chosen to fully satisfy their needs, be tasty to them and affordable. We are proud we are allowed to call it natural product and use the label „Natur produkt“. Feed is available in retail trade packages and the large eone supposed to breeders. We can extend our motto „We feed your darlings,“  with words high-quality, tasty and affordably.