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Johnny Cannabis - Bedding from cannabis shives

Suitable to allergic pets.

Absorbs 12x more than straw and 4x more than wood shavings.

Air is being constantly refreshed thanks to the porous structure of the bedding. This way decomposition processes and fermenting is prevented and bedding doesn`t smell.

Dampness is being released and the smell stays inside the capillaries of the bedding.

The bedding is affordable as only the thin layer is necessary to use.


The bedding is bio-degradable.

The bedding has anti-parasitic effects.



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Type of packaging:

Apetit Apetit

ref.no name weight packaging MQ EAN code
0368 Apetit - Johnny Cannabis - bedding from cannabis shives
10 litrů bag 1 8595093503689
0369 Apetit - Johnny Cannabis - bedding from cannabis shives 40 litrů bag 1 8595093503696

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