Apetit Apetit Apetit

Delicacy for all rodents - high quality lucerne processed in moderne technologies.



  • no cereals

Alfalfa helps with:

  • increase stomach activity and improves digestion

  • acts against flatulence and anorexia

  • have a positive influence for coat and clutches quality

  • increase physical power and fitness

  • detoxicated organism




lucerne meal
potato starch
soya peelings

Declared quality characteristics:

Crude protein 16,6%
Fibre  15,0 %
Oils and fats 2,0 %
Ash 8,2%
Calcium 1,3%
Phosphorus 0,2%
Sodium 0,05%
Vitamine A 10000IE
Vitamine D3 1000IE
Vitamine E 25mg



Types of packaging:


ref.no. name weight packaging MQ EAN code
0363 Apetit - AlfAlfA - lucerne flowers 380 g plastic jar 6 8595093503634