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Apetit - Pressed Hay saves you space and time. Your darling will enjoy each new block of pressed hay which is made of the highest-quality hay.

Pressed hay is new way of supplying your pet with hay necessary for good digestion and health.

The pressed hay contains naturally dried green fodder of grass and herbs, chopped and pressed into the blocks. Blocks are suitable especially to rodents and rabbits. They supply natural source of fibre including cellulose, rough proteins (nitrogen compounds) and minerals (calcium, phosphor, potassium and sodium) in ideal balance.

The feeding ration has to be supplemented by suitable food (for example Apetit – GUINEA PIG or Apetit – DWARF RABBIT) and supplement missing proteins this way. The Pressed hay can be fed with no limitations.

You can also buy original holder for Pressed hay for easier feeding and to prevent diarhea.


Apetit Pressed Hay


Type of packaging:

Apetit Pressed Hay


0370 Apetit - Pressed Hay   2 psc paper box 6 8595093503702
0372 Apetit - Pressed Hay   12psc carton 1 8595093503726
0371 Apetit - Holder pressed hay - metal   1 psc   1 8595093503719